AOHVA Volunteer Opportunity


The Calgary ATV Riders Association is working in conjunction with Garry Salekin (CARA’s Past Vice-President) to complete quad matting for a portion of trail that runs through a wet section of the Ghost PLUZ.  Garry Salekin has secured a large grant to complete trail maintenance throughout the Ghost PLUZ and this is the first project that requires volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to help construct quad matting that consists of specially treated wood that is joined together to stabilize a trail making it sustainable for generations.  The more volunteers we have the better as there are 200 sections of quad matting to be built prior to it being transported and positioned on the trail.  

Please contact Garry Salekin at 403-609-1208 or email . With the beautiful spring weather this is a great time to get out and help maintain the trails you ride!!


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