Wildlife Avoidance

Developed by the Alberta Safety Council

Grizzly and black bears are unpredictable at the best of times. Whether you are seeking recreation in bear country (hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting) or you’re involved in an industry that requires you to work in bear country (seismic, logging, forestry), you need to be aware of what to do in the event of a bear sighting or encounter.

Knowing the appropriate response to a bear sighting/encounter could save your life and the lives of those you are with. The Bear Awareness and Avoidance program was created to provide the most recent available information on bear avoidance for members of the public and industry alike.

Bear Awareness & Avoidance Student Course

While the best defence against a bear encounter is to avoid it altogether, this is not always possible. This program provides guidance for pre-planning before you enter bear country and on-site situations. Learn how best to handle a bear encounter using the knowledge and experience of experts from the field. Encounters with other wildlife such as snakes, ungulates, wolves and cougars are also covered.

Course content includes:
  • knowing how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and the understanding of the best methods to diffuse them
  • distinguishing between types of bears and their mobility as well as their diet, distribution and annual cycle
  • an in-depth look at available deterrents (bear pistols, sprays and noisemakers) and applicable legislations
  • discussion times so that class participants can learn from the knowledge and experience of others

The student program is 4-6 hours in length.

Students receive a participant workbook and a Bear Awareness and Avoidance Graduation Card upon successful completion of the program.

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