Xtreme Safety Training is proud to offer Canada Safety Council, ATV / Quad, UTV, ARGO & Snowmobile Certificate Training Courses. Our OHV safety training experts, invite you to call today and register for a student or instructor certificate course.

Xtreme Safety Training recognizes that workplace and environmental health and safety issues are critical to not only workers but to organizations and to the environment itself. Health hazards are on the rise and new legislation requiring employer compliance creates the need for new training programs. We recognize this need and are working to bring you the courses that you will need, in order to safely and responsibly perform your duties while working out in the field.

Xtreme Safety Training is proud to have implemented the following health measures:


Canada Safety Council ATV, UTV, ARGO & Snowmobile student and instructor certificate training classes, for professional field personnel.

Our safety courses comply with Work Safe Alberta’s, Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Each student will receive a handbook and certificate, upon successful completion of the course.

At Xtreme Safety Training, our courses are led by a Chief Instructor who has been certified by the Canada Safety Council. He is extremely knowledgeable, has many years of riding experience and has trained over a 1000 students. His personal mission is to educate drivers regarding the safe and environmentally responsible use, of off highway vehciles.

For your convenience, courses can be arranged minutes from Calgary’s NW city limits.

We are based in Calgary. However, we  offer on demand mobile courses, anywhere that our services are required. Our Chief Instructor can train your employees, at your location anywhere in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or any other province or state.

Xtreme is a fully equipped OHV driver training company. A fleet of ATVs, UTVs, Argos and Snowmobiles are available for student use. All of our machines are well maintained, fully automatic units. For your protection, we also offer DOT approved full face helmets with removable liners, which are washed after each use.


If you are new to the world of all terrain vehicle driving you may be wondering what the difference between the various machines is.

All terrain vehicles: ATVs have 4 wheels and handle bar steering. They are also referred to as “Quads”.

Utility Vehicles: UTVs offer side by side seating, a steering wheel and seat belts.

Off Highway Vehicles: OHV is a term that can be used to describe a variety of both 2 and 4 wheel machines, as well as tracked vehicles and snowmobiles.

 ARGOs: Argos are amphibious vehicles which can operate with wheels or tracks.

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Students must provide their own DOT approved helmet and face covering.