Instructor Courses

The ATV, UTV, ARGO and Snowmobile Instructor courses are nationally recognized programs developed by the Canada Safety Council.

The key elements involved in the Instructor Training courses are:

  • In-depth discussions regarding riding techniques and practices.
  • Rider evaluation techniques and lesson planning.
  • Rider awareness and adaptation to changing conditions.
  • A focus on techniques of delivery, presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Instructor candidates are provided with an Instructor Kit which includes program curriculum.

All candidates must have the appropriate type of machine, for the course they will be participating in and PPE, including an approved helmet.

All machines must pass a pre-ride safety inspection and have valid registration and insurance. Any machine that does not pass cannot be used and may affect the candidate’s ability to successfully complete the course.

The CSC requires that to become a CSC certified Instructor, individuals must:

  1. Be a graduate of a CSC ATV Rider Course prior to enrolment in a CSC Instructor (IP) course.
  2. Complete and submit an application to attend an ATV Instructor Preparation Course.
  3. Successfully complete the CSC IP course which includes:
    1. Completing the ATV Rider Course (familiarization phase).
    2. Passing the CSC Instructor skill test.
    3. Passing the CSC Instructor knowledge test.
    4. Passing student teaching based upon CSC’s evaluation criteria.
    5. Must be at least 18 years of age.
    6. Must have or obtain basic first aid training.

*Instructor candidates must also obtain provincial requirements such as insurance, WCB, Criminal Record check and Driver’s abstract.

ATV Instructor Training Course:

Length: 5 days


The UTV and Snowmobile Instructors course is available as a 3 day upgrade to CSC Certified ATV Instructors or as a 5 day course.

UTV Instructor Training Upgrade Course:

Length: 3 days

Snowmobile Instructor Training Upgrade Course

Length: 3 days

Location: Calgary.

Mobile training is also available. Additional charges may apply.

– Machine rentals available. Additional charges apply.

-A minimum number of candidates may be necessary, to go ahead with a course