Snowmobile Class


Snowmobile Operator Course

The Canada Safety Council’s Snowmobile Operator’s course is designed to provide an introduction to the safe and responsible use of snowmobiles. This is a hands on course which covers the following topics:


Introduction to Snowmobile Laws

Snowmobile Registration, Safety Equipment, Snowmobile Operation

Getting Familiar with the Snowmobile

Parts Identification and Pre-Ride Inspection

Safe Operating Procedures

  1. Riding Positions,Tips and Techniques
  2. Snowmobile Operating Conditions
  3. Protecting the Environment
  4. Passenger Safety
  5. Supervising Children
  6. Group Snowmobiling and Trail Riding
  7. Hand Signals
  8. Operating a Snowmobile at Night
  9. Loading a Snowmobile
  10. Towing a Disabled Snowmobile
  11. Towing a Cutter or sleigh

Survival and Ethics

  1. Planning and Preparation
  2. Proper Riding Gear
  3. Alcohol,Drugs and Fatigue
  4. Survival Equipment
  5. Hypothermia, Frostbite, Snow Blindness and Wind Chill Factor
  6. Injuries
  7. Being Stranded
  8. Snowmobile Ethics
  9. End of Season Storage